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I am a member of and in the past new members have asked how different people set up their charts and look through things. Setting up profiles and templates for everything is very time consuming. In the past I have given my profiles and templates to others to save them hours of time by not having to do it themselves. This page is to make it easy to give it to anyone anytime they want it without me having to doing anymore then post a link to the page for them to visit. Screenshots of what is available Click Image to get Bigger View
What is included in the download
  • A profile that shows 1m, 5m, 15m, 1h, 4h and daily charts. There are 53 symbols setup for this including currencies as well as gold, oil and silver.
  • Profiles that show the 8 main currencies with all their different variations. (aud, cad, chf, eur, gbp, jpy, usd, nzd)
  • Profile that shows indices.
  • Profiles that show patterns (butterfly, gantleys etc) for the 8 main currencies with all their different variations. (aud, cad, chf, eur, gbp, jpy, usd, nzd)
  • Profile for showing current news events.
  • Profile for to show the score keeper of your trades.
  • A script to change the symbol of all open charts to a symbol you type. (Can be linked to keyboard shortcut)
  • A script to change the time frame of all open charts to a time frame you select.¬†(Can be linked to keyboard shortcut)
This is many hours worth of work to setup and yours totally free. Enjoy. Tutorial Video for setting up MT4 with these templates

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NOTE: I forgot to mention to resize the charts to your monitor size you will need to click the ‘Window’ menu then ‘Tile Vertically’ and then click the ‘Window’ menu and then ‘Tile Windows’. After you do this once for each chart they will be set correctly for your monitor. NOTE: The templates¬†without the world clock is good for smaller screens or if you don’t want the world clock. Fib Retracement Levels
  • 23.6
  • 38.2
  • 50.0
  • 61.8
  • 78.6
  • 88.6
  • 100.0
Useful MT4 Keyboard Shortcuts
  • F9 open the enter new trade window
  • CTRL + F5 move forward through profiles
  • SHIFT + F5 move backward through profiles
  • CTRL + T open trade manager window
  • CTRL + M open market watch window
  • CTRL + N open navigator window
  • Middle mouse click or CTRL + F bring up pip ruler
  • F11 hides the toolbar and status bar. Good if you’re trading on small screen like laptops as it gives you extra space for your charts.

Forex Trade Room Review

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3 comments for “Setting Up MetaTrader 4 for use with

  1. dada
    February 10, 2014 at 12:52 am

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. James
    August 31, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m Nessy from the trade room’s husband, and not very competent geek. She thought you may be able to point me in the direction of some software. We want to copy her trades to different broker accounts on different computers. I’ve had a look at a few of the offerings on line but am not sure which way to turn. Do you have any ideas please.

    • Anthony Irwin
      September 1, 2014 at 9:53 am

      Hey Nessy’s Husband yeah it is possible to do trade copying across multiple computers and brokers. I am doing it at the moment.

      Basically you have a primary account that publishes the trades you are making than on the other computers or broker accounts you set up a trade copier and it will copy trades based on the settings you choose.

      It would be possible to have more than one trade publisher but most of the time people trade from one primary account and want to copy the trades to other brokers.

      You use the FxBlue Internet Trade Mirror to do this and you set up multiple accounts with them for free. One for primary account you trade and one for each of the different brokers you want to copy on.

      The link is at

      I plan on doing a tutorial on trade copying at some point as it’s something that quite a few people want to do but don’t know how.

      UPDATE: Tutorial now available at


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