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MT4 Change All Chart Symbols Script

Here is a quick video on installing and using this script which will change all open MT4 charts to a new symbol.

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NOTE: This is now version 2 which as the following additional features.

You can type gold for xauusd, silver for xagusd and oil for wti.

You can type in 3 letters for usd pairs e.g. gbp for gbpusd, eur for eurusd, try for usdtry etc.

You can type aj for audjpy, ej for eurjpy, gj for gbpjpy, nj for nzdjpy, uj for usdjpy.

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  1. hi,

    nice from you. thank you. i can share with you (if you want) a script wich change all TF’s on open mt4 charts to a different TF. let me know if you need this

  2. Hi Anthony, Love your All-in One scripts. Everything seems to be working great except that I can not get WTIC to operate. I have tried – oil,usoil,ukoil,WTIC,Brent – to no avail. Most of the other CFDs come up, at least the ones of interest for me.

    Wonder if we are related somehow. I originally come from Cleveland, but Ireland several generations ago.

    Best, Bob Irwin

  3. I really like the idea of being able to change all the chart at the same time, but what about changing only two charts out of five? is there anyway to sinc this changes only in selected chart?

    great job and thanks!