MT4 Automatic Trade Copying

A complete start to finish tutorial explaining how to setup automatic trade copying with Metatrader 4. This method allows you to automatically copy your trades on up to 40 accounts.


I have been using this for many months without any issues but you need to test it with your brokers on demo accounts first to make sure it works the way you expect.

It’s your money so make sure you test and understand the settings before putting your hard earned money at risk.

"I cannot help you any further then the video. Test it in a demo account and read the pdf instruction file for more details."

Things I forgot to mention in the video:
  • The trade copying is private and not shown on a website. This is not like some of the social trading websites where it publishes your trades and other people can set up their trading platform to copy your trades. This will only allow trade copying for accounts that you select as shown in the video.
  • Exotic pairs like TRY, MXN, RUB, NOK, SEK that have wide spreads often do not automatic get copied and sometimes will either be rejected or create a pending order. The reason for this is in the settings there is slippage setting of a few pips and on the exotics that have wider spreads sometimes the prices are different at other brokers and outside the range set in the trade mirror receiver. You can change the settings if you want.
  • You can also set pending orders or partially close orders. Basically whatever you do in the primary account is duplicated on the trade receivers.

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