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MT4 8 Chart Slide Show Indicator

"Here is a quick video on installing and using the 8 Chart Slide Show Indicator"

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Update Notes: 
Version 3:
Had a feature request to not change any chart time frames. This new version has an option to leave the chart time frames alone so they will stay as what the user selected before applying the indicator.
Version 2:
I didn’t have all the exotics I trade so I added an extra two slides and had to add some extra exotics that I don’t normally trade but pretty much everything is covered now. Also add extra profiles for 5m and 1h for normal view and 1h and 4h for patterns.
Below is a view of the new changes to the extra slides:

Slide Show Settings

Setting Page Showing the New Slides


  1. Hi,

    The slide show indicator can have a different time frame selected for each slide which would show all charts on that time frame.

    I also have an script that will change all open charts to a different time frame and another script that changes all open charts to a different symbol.

    You can see the different scripts at